About ieltswriting.app

A few months ago, when I was preparing for my IELTS, particularly for the writing section, I practised by writing almost every day. From day one, I started writing under the timed condition. I found no website where I can practice my writing without getting distracted with Ads, or bloated user interface. So, I would search for a writing topic, start the timer on my phone, write on the notepad app and finally, paste the text into the word counter.

This habit improved my writing skills. But there's one problem: before every writing session, I had to go through this setup, and there was no way to conveniently track my old writings.

I roughly sketched a design for a web app, where I can put all these things together to make my practice session less painful. As my IELTS test was near, I put this plan of building this app on hold. But I kept the thoughts in the back of my mind.

A week later, I appeared for the test, and after three days, my scores were available. I scored 7 bands in writing.

After months of exploring and trying different ideas, I was able to come up with this web app, which at the time of my preparation, I would have found useful. This app can be useful if you want to develop a habit, which is what writing really is about. And writing regularly will improve your skills. You don't need tricks, memorize phrases and use advanced vocabulary to excel at writing. It's about presenting your ideas clearly, cohesively, and in an engaging manner.

Currently, I'm exploring the possibility of adding feedback or a grading system to this app. During my practice, I would paste my essay to ChatGPT and ask for the assessment based on the four marking criteria of IELTS: task achievement, coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, and grammatical range. It wasn't accurate for the most part. Either it will grade my essay too high or too low. So, it's not reliable.

If you find this App useful or have suggestions or any comments, you can fill out this feedback form or drop the mail: ieltswritingapp@gmail.com